Website Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

What is website hosting, and how is it different to website domains?

Web hosting and domains work together to make your website available on the Internet. Web hosting refers to disk space on a server that allows you to store your website files (pages, images, scripts, etc) online. You then need a domain name, so that people can actually view your hosted website. Our domain is, which has been pointed to our server where our website itself is stored.

How much disk space do I need?

Small websites with less than 50 pages generally take up 1-5mb - so on our smallest hosting package you can store up to 100 different websites of average size. Webpages themselves (comprised of lines of code) are usually 1-20kb - so most usage of disk space comes from images, videos, and emails.

Images are best saved as .jpg or .gif (.bmp, .png, .tif and other formats tend to be much larger), at 100kb or less. Where possible, we recommend uploading videos to Youtube or a similar service and then streaming them to your website, saving yourself a lot of disk space and bandwidth. If you set up your email accounts as POP in a desktop mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail), you can make it automatically remove messages from the server after downloading, either immediately or after a certain time period such as 30 days - this way you'll always have plenty of disk space on your hosting server.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the monthly data transfer in/out of your website. Every time someone visits a page on your website, their web browser downloads that page's content including all images. So if you place a 1mb image on your home page, and the page is visited 100 times in one month, that'll account for 100mb of bandwidth. Of course, most people will just leave your page prematurely because it'll take so long to load. Videos tend to be much larger files, so if you have a 500mb video file and it gets watched ten times, you'll have gone through 5gb of bandwidth (instead, we'd recommend uploading to Youtube or a similar service and embedding the video onto your website; that way, it's Youtube's bandwidth being used, not yours).

As you near your bandwidth limit for the month, our system will notify you by email and you can choose to increase your hosting package if necessary. When your limit is reached, your website will be unavailable until the bandwidth resets early the following month.

What are subdomains, parked domains and addon domains?


  • Let's say your domain is
  • You install a Message Board and put in in a directory called
  • You can turn the directory board into a sub-domain by adding it as a sub-domain from your cPanel
  • Now you can access your Message Board as either OR
  • This costs you nothing and is free

Parked Domain

  • You have two domains: and
  • is the domain of your website and you want to add
  • You want them both to go to the same place. In other words, when someone types either or they will go to the same page(s) on your website
  • In order to have additional parked domains you need to register them

Add-On Domains

  • You have two domains: and
  • You want the two domains to be totally separate/independent websites
  • In order to have additional add-on domains you need to register them